The function of the skeleton

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the functions of the skeleton

  • shape & supports:  this rerfers to posture, and the aliment of you bones. Health related: this refers to backache  Sport related: this refers to sporting technique
  • Movement(mucsle attachment): this allows for lifting of objects or walking to places. this allows people to run through levers systems.
  •  Protection of internal orgas: e.g. the protection of the cranimun(prtects the brain) and the ribcage(heart lung)
  • to produce blood:bone marrow in the bone allows the body to produce red blood cells that contain haemaglobin that carries oxygen.
  • Mineral store: e.g iron, calcuimun(allows for stronger bones), phosforous

Classification of the bones 

  • Long bones: the humerus and the femur. long bones are used for leverage the femur levers with the use of the gluteals to draw the leg back. long bones are need for movement.
  • short bones: e.g tarsals and metatarsels. thier primary…


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