The Feeding of the Five Thousand

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The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Key Events

1) Jesus sends the 12 disciples on a preaching and healing mission

2) They return tired and Jesus decides to take them away from the crowds to relax

3) They sail across the Sea of Galilee but people see them leave, guess where they are going and get their first.

4) They are met by a large crowd and Jesus decides to preach to them for many hours (Mark refers to them as sheep without a shepherd)

5) Jesus tells the disciples to give the crowd some food. They are stunned at the request as they only have 5 loaves of bread and two fish. 

6) Jesus tells the disciples to organise the crowd into groups on the green grass (they sit down in groups of hundreds and fifties). He takes the loaves and fish, looks up to heaven, breaks the loaves and gives them to…


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