The Existence of God and Revelation

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The Existence of God and Revelation

The Design argument

William Paley came up with the idea of the design argument 

The goldilocks enigma - The world is just right

The anthropic principle - The earth just right for humans 

The argument for the design argument 

  • Needs an intelligent creator 
  • To complex to be random
  • Fits with religion

Arguments against the design argument 

  • Not perfect
  • doesn't specify who

People who believed in the design argument

Sir Issac Newton 

believed that as we have thumbs we must have a creator

Thomas Aquinas 

Thomas Aquinas believed in the Design argument as there were planets


He believed in the Anthropic principle, the idea that the universe was built to support life.

Sir Fred Hoyle

Believed in the big bang theory and the universe was constantly growing.

The first cause argument

The idea that everything has a first action

Islamic Kalam argument - everything is caused so the universe as a whole must have been created

Bertrand Russel "Just because every human has a mother, doesn't mean the human race has a mother

The argument from miracles

Miracles - an incredible event that cannot be caused by humans or natural activity.

Types of miracles - Aquinas

Things are done by god that nature cannot do

  • water -> wine
  • grape -> orange

Things are done by god that nature could do, but not in the same order

  • Turning a baby into an adult in a year
  • Turning an adult to a baby

Things that are done by God which nature could do, but isn't used

  • Jesus healing the slave's ear


Muhammed's ascent into heaven (Type 1)

He went to a mosque in Jerusalem and lead the prophet to prayer

Jesus walks on water (Type 1)

Jesus rescued his disciples from a storm by walking on water

The lucky choir (Type 2)

An explosion blew up a church, but everyone was late to church that morning 

Stairwell B, 9/11 (Type 2)

people on floor 22-1 got trapped, but God prevented the stairwell from collapsing 

Marie Baily (Type 1)

A girl who was…


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