The end of the War

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Occupied Germany

  • The German surrender - Potsdam and Yalta conferences due to Germany's inevitable fall
  • The fall of Berlin - Despite bombs etc Hitler cont. to talk of winning war - 30th April Soviet soldiers got into Reichstag. City reduced to rubble
  • The surrender - 8th May - only admiral Donitz (Hitler appointed successor) tried to keep going from 'Bolshevik mortal enemy' - series 'partial surrenders'
  • The war legacy - Zero Hour - destruction throughout - physical, human cost (6.5 mill dead and many more unaccounted for); millions civilians lost lives, 1/2 mill by burning cities + adv. troops - death accompanied assault + **** of women, food and health issues. Swamping of ethnic Germans from other countries and refugees from invasions - slave-survivors of concentration camps, agricultural farmers and death marches also seeked relief w/ disorientation
  • Establishment of four occupation zones - differences in the various allied powers and leaders and groups


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