the emigree


The Emigree 

there are themes of:


light and shade

"There once was a country... I left it as a child"

-She would have had no control of her fate; one assumes her family was forced to leave

-Perhaps this mysterious and now unreachable city the speaker recollects is meant to represent the past, to which they can’t return to. A repeated comparison like this, which runs through the poem, is known as an extended metaphor.

-exile means "state of being barred from one's native country, typically for political or punitive reasons." we see this theme throught the poem "i have no passport" "theres no way back" this give the reader the feeling that the character was fourced to leave 

-The poem starts like a children’s fairytale, in the style of ‘once upon a time’. This is ironic as her story is far from what a child should experience.

"Graceful slopes glow even clear as time rolls its tanks "

-The phrase ‘graceful slopes glow’ is an elegant idealised description. The poet moves from the first line to the second with smooth enjambment. The vowels in ‘slopes glow’ are long and assonant, and the adjective ‘graceful’ also has long vowels. This is usually applied to humans, so the slopes are personified. Note also the alliterative ‘g’s and 'l’s which reinforce the dream-like beauty.

-this could be seen as a metaphor with slopes and tanks representing the imargery of war that human poweer has brought pain to


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