The Development of Jazz (1890-1950)


Ragtime - 1890-1910

Ragtime is a style of piano music with an ‘oom-pah’ left hand part, i.e. pianist ‘vamps’ bass line on beat and chordal accompaniment off beat. On top of this the pianist would add a lively tune, full of off-beat rhythms, often in octaves, and with frequent runs and arpeggios. Famous musicians of this style are Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton.

New Orleans or Dixieland Jazz - 1900-1930

A New Orleans band was led by the trumpet player. His job was to play the tune. A clarinet and trombone would usually improvise above and below this. Other backing instruments include the double bass, banjo, piano and drums. Famous musicians of this style are Louis Armstrong and Buddy Bolden.

 Boogie-Woogie -1920-1930





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