The Design Argument

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Key Facts

Analogical: An argument based on analogies or similarities e.g. Paley's watch

Iductive: An argument based on observations of the world in its parts as well as a whole

Theistic: Based on proving the existence of God

Aspects of the universe as so perfectly adapted to fulfil their function that they show evidence of being deliberately designed- shows intelligence

This can only be explained by references to an intelligent designer- that designer is called God

Anthropic principle: a universe to support human life

Aesthetic principle: Beauty in the world is proof of an intelligent designer

Swinburne believed that the probability of the existence of God has increased by evidence of design of the universe- This is planned not irregular.

Thomas Aquinas

There is beneficial order in the universe, that leads to an end or purpose

Could not have happened by chance

Not all objects have the intelligence to work towards that end or purpose

So there must be a being that has intelligence


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