The Cosmological Argument

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Key Facts

Some things are caused, everything that is caused is caused by something else- infinite regress of causation is impossible, the uncaused cause must be there for all that is caused= cause is God

May be more than one uncaused cause

Hume: If the universe has a cause, why doesn't that cause have a cause?

If the chain of causes needs to end why does it end with God and not with the universe itself?

Why couldn't there be an internal contingent being?

Does the necessary being have to be like the religon's God?

There are things in the world that are contingent

Everything depends on something else for its existence

There must be a cause for everything in the universe that exists outside of it- cause must be a necessary one which contains the reason for its existence within itself

Rejects principles that if everything in the universe has a cause then the universe has a cause

The existence of the universe may just be an abrute fact- there is no explanantion

Even if everything is contingent- it does not follow that there may not be anything at all

Thomas Aquinas

The First Way- Motion

Nothing can move itself,


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