The concept of dukkha

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On the whole, the relationship between the three marks of existence is one of logical necessity

  • Dukkha is the condition that arises when a person is unaware that things are impermanent; people become attached to things and want them to remain unchanged
  • Things have no permanent substantial essence (svabhava) and this means they are subject to death and decay, and, in the same way, a person is subject to anicca through change and so is not-self (anatta) or has 'no soul'
  • Therefore, as with material possessions and emotional ties, the idea of a permanent attachment to a self or ego can only lead to dukkha

Dukkha is also the first of the Four Noble Truths

  • Dukkha is usually translated as suffering or ill, though this doesn't really convey the true breadth of its application to life
  • It can be better translated as '


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