The Colutural Revolution

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The Colutural Revolution & its Aftermath 1966-76

Why did Mao launch the cultural revolution:

  • Climax power struggle - Started when Mao stepped down from the front line of political power in 1962.
  • Involved a ideological battle over the amount of pragmatism - reflected Mao's dtermination.
  • Could be seen as a new renification campaign to sort out party officials

The Purging of the CCP membership:

  • Developed into a broader purge of its membership at all levels - Mao used the Red Gaurds to call 'Bombard the Headquaters'
  • higher-rankings affected the most - only 9 of the 23 posts held in the politburo by the members were kept in 1966.
  • 4 out 6 regional secertaries were purged also 70% of regonial officers.
  • 2/3 of members of the central committe that met in 1966 were purged by the time in october 1968.
  • At local levels - 20% of party officials were purged and 3 million  cadres were sent to 7th cadres school.
  • January 1967 (January storm) - the existance of the CCP was in balance, this was contributed by the Militant factory and office workers formed their own red guards where they overthrew the party leadershp in Sanghai instead they set up the peoples communes.

Purging 'Capitalist Roaders' and foriegn living in China

  • the term 'Capitalist Roaders' was used to describe anybody precieved as clinging on to the capitalist mindset.
  • Was mainly focused in urban areas - people included factory, office, shop, and school workers were subjected to scrutiny incase their background story was bourgeois.
  • the purging of 'Capitalist Roaders' carred on even after the red guard was dismantled, when it was moved to the countryside.
  • Key part of cleansing of the class ranks campaign set up by the CCRG in 1968.
  • Red guards were accounted for over 100, 000 deaths.
  • These attacks weren't just on Chinese people the red guard also attacked the british embassy in Beijing, and physically attacked them. 
  • Week after these attacks the chinese embassy in london forwarded a demonstration in order to keep the chinese power of Hong Kong.

Restoration of the order by the PLA:

  •  August 1967, Mao finally decided to allow the PLA 

Death of Mao 


  • Died in September 1976, but his health had seriously declined since the fall of Lin Biao, in 1971. 

  • There were different opinions in the precise medical conditions which Mao was suffering with, however because of the multiple lung infections and smoking was affecting his heart, was also possible that he was suffering from Parkinson's disease. 

  • Mao physicians, Li Zhisui claimed that from 1973 onwards, that Mao was dependant on massive injections


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