The cognitive approach

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definition- the term 'cognitive' has come to mean 'mental processes', so this approach is focused on how our mental processes, such as thoughts, perceptions and attention, affect behaviour


internal mental processes; 'private' operations of the mind such as perception and attention that mediate bewteen stimulus and response, Inference; the process whereby cognitive psychologists draw conclusions about the way mental processes operate on the basis of observed behaviour

internal mental processes can be studied through inference as they are 'private' and cannot be observed

Theoretical and computer models-

information processing approach suggests infomration flows through the cognitive system in a sequence of stages that include input, storage and retireval as in the multi-store memory. computer models refer to prgrammes that can be run on a computer to imitate the human mind. by running such a programme psychologists can test whether their ideas about information processing are correct, such programmes have been proved useful in the development of artificial intelligence.

The role of schema- a mental framework of beliefs and expectations that influence cognitive processing. They are developed from experience

packages of information developed through experience, act as a mental framework for the interpretation of incoming information recieved by the cognitive system, babies are born with…


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