The Clash

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Inspired by the rise of The Sex Pistols, The Clash was originally made up of members from other London bands during the mid-1970s, formed under the visionary eye of one of McClaren's friends, Bernard Rhodes. Early material was written by key members Joe Strummer (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Mick Jones (lead guitar and sometimes vocals). The band performed on various occasions in this early period, sometimes supporting The Sex Pistols, before signing to CBS Records in early 1977, just as the punk scene really began to explode. Despite criticism from many (including London 'zine “Sniffin' Glue”) for 'selling out' to a major label, their debut album “The Clash” was a critical and commercial success, peaking at number 12 in the UK album charts. Demonstrating their typical fiery approach, some of the tracks also hinted towards the many stylistic twists and turns The Clash would take in future years, including a cover version of the reggae song “Police and Thieves”.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry, producer of the original reggae version of “Police and Thieves” was asked to produce Clash single “Complete Control”, recorded while Perry was in London producing Bob Marley and the Wailers later in 1977, further


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