The Changing Republic

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  • Initially two social orders; the patricians (landowners who occupied spheres of public affairs) and the plebeians (farmers, tradesman, etc).
  • By the 4th century, the plebeians had gained more social authority so wealth was no longer a discriminator. 
  • With the growing empire there became a cheap supply of slaves which meant that there were fewer jobs for the poor. 
  • It became easy for political leaders to gain support from the masses of poor by promising them what they wanted. 
  • There was a rise in the equites (a faction of businessmen that reaped the financial benefits of the empire), who became a rich powerful force. They got involved in the parts of politics that senators could not be involved in (due to the lex claudia
  • Strong belief in mas maoirum (the way of the ancestors).


  • Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, who attempted to make things better for the people during the 130s-120s. Both assassinated. 
  • Tiberius Gracchus notably tried to change the distribution of


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