The Breakdown of Relationships

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Reasons for Relationship Breakdown

  • Lack of Skills
  • Relationships are difficult for some because they lack the interpersonal skills to make them mutually satisfying
  • Lack of social skills means others percieve them as not interested in relating so it tends to break down
  • Lack of Stimulation
  • A reward in relationship is stimulation - lack of this would break it down
  • People expect relationships to change or develop and when they dont this is seen as sufficient justification to end the relationship or begin a new one
  • Maintenance Difficulties
  • Clearly difficulties when relationships become strenuous because partners cannot see each other enough.
  • For some it can be good but for many it is bad.


  • Extramarital Affairs
  • Extramarital affairs are a reason for breakdown.
  • Affairs might be a direct reaction to lack of skills and stimulation in current relationship
  • Sexual infidelity to men but emotional for women.
  • Maintenance Difficulties
  • LDRR or LDF are more common than we think 
  • A study found that 70% of students sampled they had experienced at least on LDRR and 90% one LDF.
  • People do have to move about so strategies are understood.
  • Little decrease in relationship satisfaction as


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