The bloody chamber quotes

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The bloody chamber

  • tender delicious ecstasy of excitement she isnt scared
  • strange heavy almost waxen face
  • my skin crisped at his touch
  • the frail child
  • that are white and stain you
  • i longed for him and he disgusted me
  • absolute darkness
  • every lamp in my room burned to keep the dark outside
  • it spares my shame

The courtship of Mr.Lyon

  • its presence choked her
  • Miss lamb spotless sacrificial
  • All the natural laws of the world were held in suspension
  • I had not the stomach to kill the gentle beasts
  • If you'll have ,e I'll never leave you

The Tiger's bride

  • My father lost me to the beast at cards
  • you are so careless of your treasures
  • my…


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