The Black Death video notes

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Video notes

  • People brought the plague on ships
  • It thrived in dense commounities
  • Those who bueried the dead go the plague too
  • Became sick with a flu like fever
  • Buboes in the armpit and groin
  • Black marks from hemmereging
  • Lungs flooded- dry drowning
  • Eat fresh food
  • Alternate the side on which you sleep
  • Physicians got the plague too so they stopped visiting 
  • Clergeymen go the plague
  • More that 60 priests died
  • Some believed that it could be transferred by sight 
  • Some thought even thinking about it could make you get it
  • If your friend or even your child had the plague you would avoid them to ensure your safety
  • In addition to disease you had extreme famine because no one was making food
  • Everyone could do what the wanted because the people


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