The biological approach to treating OCD

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Drug therapytreatment involving drugs, i.e chemicald that have a particular effect on the functioning of the brain or some other body system. in the case of psychological disorders such drugs usually affect neurotransmitter levels.


low levels of serotonin are related to OCD and SSRIs prevent reabsorbtion and breakdown pf serotoni in the brain, increasing its levels in the synapse so it continues to stimulate the postsynaptic neuron, compensating for what is wrong with serotonin system in OCD. typical dosage of fluoxetine is 20mg a day, can be increase if not beneficial and comes in liquid or capsuals, takes 3-4 months to be affective.

Combining SSRIs with other treatments-

often used alongside CBT as drugs reduce emotional symptoms, e.g. anxious or depressed,so patients can engage more effectively with CBT

Alternatives to CBT-

tricylics are an older type of nti-depressant, e.g. Clomipramine, which has same effect on serotonin system but with more serious side effects so used as second line of defence which is also true for SNRIs (serotonin noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor), these…


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