The biological approach

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  • Biological influences on behaviour:


  • Genes carry the instructions for a particlular characteristic, depending on the interactions with each other and the enviroment they instruct the carrier on how to behave.

Genotype and Phenotype:

  • Genotype (genetic make-up), Phenotype (Physical characteristics).
  • The dominant genotype will be shown in the genotype.

Genetic basis:

  • Every person has their own personal genetic code, this determinds our personality, intellegance ect.

Biological structures influence:

Neurones and the nervous system:

  • The nervous system is composed of several parts, CNC (central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord) and the PNS (peripheral nervous system, composed by the somatic and automatic nervous system.
  • Neurones carry messages (impulses) around the body which instruct the body on aspects such as breathing, eating, sexual behaviour…


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