The Big Shave, Martin Scorsese, 1967.

"The flowing and perfectly edited strong images left me totally assured that I was watching a powerful work of art and criticism." - Fred Hubner.


  • Anti-vietnam film created by Martin Scorsese in 1967. He was a student in New York film school when making it. 
  • Exploration / statement of the casual disregard for life and the needless loss of war. Wanting to explore film form with more freedom allowing them to put more passion into their work.


  • Surrealism: use of shocking imagery to provoke a response. Dreamscape in style, non-sensical action / shocking imagery to sned a political and social agenda. The use of juxtapostion engages debate and effect. 
  • A short, experimental "student project" film. 
  • Themes and techniques can be controversial...
  • Short film: often made by independent film makers, so creatively and artistically free and able to experiment with style and content within their artistic movement. 


  • Time remapping: when he cuts his throat (and when he starts to shave again) he takes off his shirt indicating a shift in tone of the film. This is similar to "Un Chien Andalou" in terms of its over dramatised violence effect and toe curling effect is forces upon its audience that is inescapable - you just can't help but look to understand the message. It draws out the situation forcing us to watch it in all it's gruesome detail thus truly considering the meaning behind the


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