The Biblical Concept of Miracles

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Throughout the bible, miracles are presented as a way in which God shows his love, concern and protection for humanity.  God is not just a transcendent creator who is aloof/unconcerned with his creation, but is involved with humanity like a loving parent.  He will sometimes interfere with the natural order of things to express his concern.

The biblical view of God is of an interventionist God.  The occurrence of miracles in both the Old and New Testaments are seen as evidence for the rule of God in the world.


Miracles in the Old Testament are generally acts of God that support and help the faithful.  They demonstrate God's glory and bring punishment to the wicked or those who oppose God/His people.

  • E.g. in Exodus, when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt away from slavery.  When Moses asked the Egyptian pharaoh to free the Israelites he refused, and with each refusal a plague was sent down by God, affecting only the Egyptians.


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