The Beekeeper

  • Natural world.
  • Female matriarchy.
  • Sylvia Plath influenced both poets on bees.
  • "Happy as haystacks"- visual- allteration.
  • "Are my quiet hives"- focus on speaker in stanza one.
  • "This distance"- a safe distance.
  • "Of this window's glass"- protective symbiotic relationship.
  • "I robe myself" "vestibule"- religious ceremonies- bees were often kept by monks.
  • "gloves"- protective clothes.
  • "crocked like a dairy"- fertility.
  • "sexual smell of bees"- silibance- female sexuality.
  • Focus shifts to bees.
  • "Bees that fizzle out"- onomatopoeic.
  • Internal rhyme- harmony of natural world in verse 2.
  • "Smoke rising"- silibance.
  • "hauled" "cigarette" "olfactory"-


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