The Analytical Solution to Induction

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The Analytical Solution to the Problem of Induction

The Key Point: there is no question of the rationality of induction; by being rational, we mean using induction.

Inductive reasoning is rational because reasoning is 'reasoning on the basis of evidence'. This is all induction is.

Reflection on what constitutes knowledge shows us that induction is clearly knowledge-conferring.

Deduction versus Induction

  • The crucial difference comes down to entailment versus evidence.
  • The issue with induction supposedly arose as a result of the following confusion:
    Invalid arguments are not sound, and we should not accept the conclusions of unsound arguments.
  • We clearly should accept inductive arugments - so is it a form of deduction? Do the premises in fact entail the conclusion?

Turning Induction into Deduction:

  • Attempt to appeal to a supremely general principle which would create validity.
  • But Strawson argues there can be no such principle. If it was not necessary, it would itself be inductive, depending on contingent past experience;


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