Thatcher and the European Union

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·         Thatcher and the European Union.

·         Although she had not been anti EEC when she came to power, Thatcher claimed that her views changed when she saw how much waste and inefficiency there was, and how disadvantaged she felt that Britain was. She was worried about how much centralised organisation was taking place and the size of the financial commitment the efficient countries were making to help pay for the inefficient ones.

·         She also wanted to ensure national sovereignty was upheld in the face of, what she saw as, growing control over individual states from Brussels.

·         She successfully got a massive amount cut from the amount that Britain had to pay into the EEC, but her fears of a ‘European Super State’ taking over individual countries remained until the end.

·         The great paradox of this was, however, that it was Mrs Thatcher who oversaw Britain becoming ever more closely tied to membership and drawn deeper


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