text 9 -food glorious food

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  • personification- "Beef was the bad boy"
  • retorical question- ",but was it?" gets reader thinking
  • "Beef was the bad boy of british culture, but was it?" informal lexis and alliteration
  • ist picture shows a young healthy looking person eating a kebab which suggests it is a healthy food.
  • 2nd picture- happy expression persuades the reader to think eating meat is a good thing.
  • "couldn't understand why Britions were happy to accept their situation" opinion stated as fact.
  • lines 21-22- linguistic diviation- from positive to suddenly negative.
  • lines 23-24 slightly sarcastic
  • "well calm down everyone!" exclamative sentence expresses fustration.
  • "Why?" retorical question
  • "Too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt, too much everything" repetition to stress his opinion…




thanks for this! :)

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