Testing for Organic Compounds

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Testing for Organic Compounds

Organic - built around a chain of carbon atoms

Organic compounds burn when heated:

  • They burn in air with a yellow-orange and/or blue flame - greater the proportion of carbon atoms the more yellow and smoky the flame is
  • When there's plenty of air, burning a hydrocarbon produces carbon dioxide and water
  • If the amount of air is reduced then carbon monoxide and carbon (soot) are produced
  • Solid organic compounds will char - surface will get scorched with black marks of carbon

Testing for C=C bonds:

  • If your organic compound is unsaturated (double or triple bonds between its carbon atoms) it will decolourise bromine water
  • If your organic compound is saturated (no double or triple bonds) the bromine water will stay brown

Finding the empirical formula of an organic compound:

Emperical formula - the ratios of all the…


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