Terminology for AS Physics: Mechanics, Materials and Waves

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Moment: Force x Perpendicular distance from the point to the line of action  

Couple:  Force x Perpendicular distance between the lines of actions of the forces

The Principle of Moments: For a body to be in equilibrium, the total anti-clockwise moments must equal the total anti-clockwise moments

Displacement: The direct distance between two points

Speed: Change in distance per unit time

Velocity: Change in displacement per unit time 

Acceleration: Change in velocity per unit time 

Newton’s 1st Law: States that a body will remain in uniform motion or stationary unless acted upon by a resultant, external force

Newton’s 2nd Law: The rate of change of momentum of a body is proportional to the applied force and occurs in the same direction therefore meaning that F=Ma

Newton’s 3rd Law: States that a force exerted upon a body will experience an equal and opposite force from the body.

Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed

Energy: The capacity to do work

Work: The transfer of energy

Power: The rate of transfer of energy in relation to time


Hooke’s law: The…


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