Teleological Argument

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Teleological Argument


Paley (Spatial order)


  • Analogous argument
  • As you walk along the beach you come across a stone and a watch, you are asked ‘how did they get here?’
  • Stone: you have no reason to suppose anything other than it was always there
  • Watch: complex (etc.) you would suppose that some intelligence designed it
  • The universe is like the watch, parts fit together, work perfectly, very complex, all have a purpose etc. Therefore the world must have a designer (God)


Hume’s Objections


  • The universe is unique; we have no experience of a universe being designed/made. The universe is so massively dissimilar to a watch that we cannot use such an analogy
  • The universe could be said to be more vegetable than ‘human art’ like maybe the ultimate cause is that of an ‘infinite spider’ rather than something of reason and intelligence (God) – Multiplicity of possible causes
  • If we see a well-maintained garden what can we say about the gardener? We can say he has excellent gardening ability – we cannot say anything else. How are we to say God is perfect when he created a finite universe? Or perfectly good when he created the evil? Or omnipotent


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