Tectonic plates

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The Earth Surface Is Separated Into Tectonic Plates

1) At the centre of the earth is a ball of solid iron and nickel called the core.

2) Around the core is the mantle,which is semi-molten rock that moves very slowly. 

3) The outer layer of the Earth is the crust. Its very thin (about 20km)

4) The crust is divided into lots of slabs called tectonic plates(they float on the mantle)

Plates are made out of two types of crust-continental and oceanic

* continental crust-thicker and less dense

*oceanic-thinner and more dense

5)The plates are moving because of convection currents, the rock in the mantle underneath them is moving.

6)Places where plates meet are called plate boundaries.

Three types of plate Margin

1) Destructive plate margins

Destructive plate margins are when the two plates, the denser  oceanic and  the less dense continental plates are moving towards each other e.g along the


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