Tectonic Landscapes

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Earths Tectonic Plates are divided into seven large and 12 smaller plates.

The Earth's crust is between 10 and 100km thick.

There are two types of crust:

Oceanic Crust: between 5 and 10km thick, the crust is continually being renewed and destroyed.

Continental Crust: between 25 and 100km thick, it does not sink and it is not destroyed.

Three different plate movements:

Plates move towards each other... CONVERGENT OR DESTRUCTIVE (boundaries)

Plates move apart... DIVERGENT OR CONSRUCTIVE (boundaries)

Plates slide past each other... CONSERVATIVE OR TRANSFORM (boundaries)

Plates meet at plate…


John F.


Very good! You can still add how the Mercalli scale is categoric and the Richter scale is linear and more importantly, the actual scales - Richter scale ranges from 1-10, Mercalli scale ranges from 1-12. :)

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