Tectonic Hazards - Reducing Impacts of Earthquakes

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  • Impossible to predict when earthquake will happen. If you could, would give people time to evacuate - reduce number of deaths and injuries
  • Can be clues when earthquake will happen. For example, lots of small tremors, cracks appearing in rocks and strange animal behaviour (e.g. rats leaving nests)
  • Possible to predict where future earthquakes will happen using data from past earthquakes, e.g. mapping where earthquakes have happened show which places are likely to be affected again - places can prepare themselves for the impacts

Building techniques:

  • Buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes, e..g using reinforced concrete or special foundations that absorb earthquake's energy
  • Constructing earthquake-proof buildings reduces number of buildings destroyed, so fewer people will be killed, injured, made homeless and unemployed


  • Future developments, e.g. shopping…


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