Tectonic Hazards in LEDCs and MEDCs

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Rural/Urban Areas: Rural areas have fewer people and building so the size of the disaster is smaller.

Population Denity: The more people the more deaths.

How prepared countries are: How ready a country depends on how developed it is. LEDC have less time, money and expertise to prepare fore hazards. MEDC are better prepared but they still can't stop disasters but only limit the damage.

MEDCs can put emergency plans into action

Local authority experts assess the situation and damage

Local citzens are kept informed to be told what to do and to be reassured

Immediate emergencies must be delt with first. Cauaktues should be taken to hospital and fire must be put out-ifres are a but problem if gas pipe have been damaged.

 Distrupted public services such as power, water supply and sweage disposal must be restored as soon as poosible because there is always a risk of disease.

Communication networks such as roads, birdges , railways and telephones…


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