Techtonic Activity Terms

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Destructive Plate Margin- Land is destroyed (i.e. One oceanic plate and one continental plate sliding into each other to form an oceanic trench)

Constructive Plate Margin- Land is made (i.e. two oceanic crusts being pulled apart by convection currents in the mantle)

Asthenosphere- The upper mantle (flowing). The lower p[art of the upper mantle that exhibits plastic (flowing) properties. It is located below the lithosphere. The crusts 'float' on top of it.

Continental Crust- thich parts of the Earths crust, not located under oceans. Has an acidic pH. MAinly made of the igneous rock Granite.

Lithosphere- the crust plus the rigid, upper mantle.

Lower Mantle (semi-rigid)- the…


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