Techniques in Oedipus the King

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  • Stichomythia- Dialogue in which two characters speak on alternate lines of the verse, very fast paced and used in creating tension. E.G the conversation between Creon and Oedipus, starting line 613
  • Dramatic Irony- Dramatic Irony is seen in two parts in OT, dramatic irony involving blindness and sight imagery, and that which involves familial imagery
  • Fragmented speech- Speech in which the structure of the sentence is confused and often hard to discern, e.g. Jocasta when she discovers the truth
  • Aria (Solo)- Long speeches from one character, e.g. the Messenger's Aria
  • Conversations with the chorus- used to involve the audience, who are represented by the chorus
  • Deus ex machina- Traditionally, a god who ties up the loose ends to the story and is able to give information the mortal characters would not know. However, in the case of OT, Oedipus performs the role to an extent.
  • Catharthis- The foundation, and goal, of any good Greek tragedy, Catharthis is the emotional purging experienced after feeling both pity and fear in the tragedy
  • Agon- Involves the speech, interruption by the chorus, another speech and subsequent stichomythia of the argument between Oedipus and Tiresias
  • Choral Odes- Used to represent the passing of time, to comment on the play's action and to foreshadow future events and to comment on the larger impact of the characters' actions and to expound upon the play's central themes
  • Meter- The meter refers to the poetic structure


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