Team Dynamics

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Team Dynamics

-A group of people who communicate with each other and who work towards a common objective or goal.

-Characteristics required are: 2+ individuals interacting, collective identity, shared purpose/goals, clear structure of communication.


Tuckman’s Stages Of Group Formation

-Forming – group gets together, testing and developing relationships and working out roles.

-Storming – heightened tension, conflict, confrontation/rebels emerge against the leader, competition for status/roles.

-Norming – norms/rules/behavioural standards stabilised, co-operation starts replacing conflict, group cohesion begins.

-Performing – maturation of group, relationships established, primary goal is group success, motivation and enjoyment is high.

This takes different amounts of time for different sports in different situations e.g. an u12 football team and an elite football team. Also differs with age and sport.


Group cohesion

-A dynamic process which is reflected in the tendency of the group to stick together and remain untied in the pursuit of its goals and objectives.

            -e.g. Leicester City! – stuck together through wins and losses and came out on top!!

Task Cohesion– found in a group that is bound together in a drive to achieve a common objective – a focus on the task.

            -more important/overwrites than social cohesion at this point – goals/objectives must


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