TCA useful info

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1- Get A/C out as soon as you can (they say when you can start to move them)

2- JEngO and FS agree following days flying programme

3- Put A/C away in Hangar in the order they come outin for next days flying programme

4- Leave armourers to armourer tassk only as they are busy quite often

5- Cpls make up tow team

6- SACs do AF/BR/Tr servicing

7- Safe for maintenance and relavnt jobs at end of every day so evening shift can do any owrk you need

8- Morning activities which you can do before you can work/move A/C include

Line tool checks

Mains tool check

FOD plod

Crash Kit check

AP Check

Main issue centre check

9- 5 person crash team

10- FS - good comms with duty auth essential, any slips…


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