Task B

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First of all, the market in London is very competitive from both local and national rivals and as a result, this is forcing prices down. This is having an impact on the profits earned each year, which is frustrating Matt. Entering a new market will provide SYS with new market oppurtunites and potential to increase profits. Birmingham is also likely to have lower expenditure in terms of rent and other costs, so this will also help SYS in their wish to be more successful.

Also, the three owners (Matt, Abdul and Sara) have experience of setting up, running and managing a business in London, which is very competitive. Therefore, it is clear that they have the necessary skills and expetise to manage the same business in a different location. They will have the knowledge of marketing, finance and human resources, which can all be put to this new expansion, minimising the risk of setting up in a new location.

On the other hand, the cost involved to expand…


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