Tales of two cities(2): Birmingham and Dhaka

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  • Birmingham is the UK's third largest city
  • modern and progressive city, but however it has started decay in the face
  • known as ' the workshop of the world', 'a city of thousand trades'
  • first industrial city in the world to be created in industrial revolution that started in England in late eighteenth century
  • it become the victim of global shift later on
  • its industrial was removed and eroded elsewhere

Today's Birmingham

  • transformed it economy
  • 80% of its output is generated by tertiary sector
  • major are banking,  finance and insurance
  • tourism is also important ( economy)
  • major facilities such as national exhibition centre, Birmingham now accounts over 40 percent of the UK conference and exhibition trade
  • sporting and cultural venues attrack large number of visitors

New Face of Birmingham

  • changes in the identity come about, this re-imaging from decaying, diry industrial city to a dynamic slick service centre
  • credit go to the determination and vision of the city's decision makers and managers
  • heavy reliance on the fincial support of compaines, huge and small
  • help of the media to promote and spread the image of the 'new' face of Birmingham


  • Growth has…


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