Systematic Desensitisation Therapy and Evaluation

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Systematic Desensitisation Therapy: 


  • This therapy is based on the principals of Classical Conditioning
  • This therapy was developed by a psychologist named Wolpe 
  • The number of sessoins of this therapy depend on the severity or strength of the phobia/ clients ability to relax.


FUNCTOINAL ANALYSIS - Careful questioning to discover the nature of the anxiety and any possible triggers.

CONSTRUCTION OF ANXIETY HEIRARCHY - The client and therapist derive a heirarchy of anxiety provoking situations from least to most fearful.

RELAXATION TRAINING - ( This is the desensitisation ) p's are taught to relax their muscles , imagine happy scenarios, meditate or anything that will help them to relax.

GRADUAL EXPOSURE - ( This is the systematic component ) The above stages are comboned and the therapy begins working through each stage using relaxation techniques to relate a relaxed response to the stimuli.

IN VIVO- Direct exposure with the stimuli that evoke the fear response

IN VIRTRO - Non-direct exposure with the stimuli that evoke the fear response

As the anxiety response to each object/ scenario or situation is extinguised the next one on the pre-constructed heirarchy is presented until ultimate fear provoking situation is reahed and extingused then tharpy is complete.



The theraputic…


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