Synthesis and active citizenship



Unit 2 - who can make a difference? 

  • Who holds power in the UK? 
    • Globalisation of the media.
      • Internet offers the opportunity to make the globe more connected - 'Global citizens'
  • What is the impact of the European Union on life in the UK?
    • Advantages of globalisation
      • Countries rely on each other to ensure that their economies are stable and growing
      • Trade is easier due to transport and communication
      • Business are able to take advantage of cheap labour
      • People are able to move freely within the EU
      • Countries wealth, labour force and industries are incresingly spread across the globe


  • Fairtrade "Take a Step" campaign - making a virtual avatar to "join the march" in London. Make food fair petition calling on David Cameron to go further and champion a better deal for smallholder farmers at this year's G8 meeting
  • Fairtrade stall to inform others about what they do, to raise money by selling fair trade products.
  • Cocoa farming documentary - Child labour. looks at the negative impact globalisation has had in


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