Syntax stuff to remember still!!!


Constituents - need a head, can test using substution test, pro form test, echo question test, clefting test

Complements are sister to XP's and Adjuncts are sister to X'

Tests for complements and adjuncts:

Deletion, Location, Order

Adjuncts can be deleted, complements have to be positioned by the verb and the order of adjuncts can be moved around other adjuncts WITHIN REASON

One argument has one predicate and one subject - NO MORE!

other things than verbs can be predicates! e.g. adjectives - beautiful, barks

sentences are complete propositions

predicates are one place or two place predicates

  • intransitive
  • transitive
  • ditransitive

Not all subjects are arguments; they can be dummy subjects - they have no semantic role

subjects = external arguments



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