Symphony No 40 – First Movement by Mozart (1756-1791). Composed in 1788. Classical era.

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Overview of Style of Classical music

·         There are clear, simple structures e.g. A 4 bar question phrase coupled with a 4 bar answer phrase

·         Mainly Homophonic (One melody and basic, block chord accompaniments) textures are used

·         Polyphony (Different melodies moving in and out of each other) is also sometimes used

·         Major and Minor keys used (Diatonic)

·         Regular metres used (4/4 time, 3/4 time etc)

·         Concertos, Solo, and Orchestral pieces were written

·         Sonatas made for 1 or 2 instruments with 4 movements

·         Sonata form (Exposition – Development – Recapitulation) was used

Key Terms

·         Ornaments were used often

·         There are


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