Symbolic Language

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‘opens up new levels of reality otherwise closed to us’


Paul Tillich

·     Verbal language can’t express God in any way- finite human brain trying to describe an infinite God. 

·     Symbols talk about God in a non-literal way.

·     Signs deal with facts and symbols transcend facts and express deeper emotions.

Religious Symbols

·     Non- religious symbols= trivial compared to God

·     ‘ground of being’ = God 

·     The cross symbolises Jesus’s redemption for all humanity- more than just a wooden cross

·     Subtle modes of communication belonging to a high level of religious language

·     Open up levels of religious reality which otherwise would be unattainable

Non-cognitive Language

·     Religious symbols are regarded as non-cognitive (un-factual)

·     Serve an understanding beyond fact

·     Doesn’t attempt to make assertions that can be…


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