‘Swinburne’s argument deals successfully with the criticisms of the design argument.’ Assess this statement.

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Swinburnes argument deals succesfully with many of the criticisms of the design argument. His argument is modernised, and fits in well with modern scientific theories including the big bang theory and the evolutionarly theory. It allows for God to be seen as working through evolution, or that God intended for evolution to happen. His arguments are on a more scientific or mathematical level, because he talks about probabilities, this could appeal to many.
Hume criticised previous arguments saying that we as humans, lack experience and are unable to conclude whether our planet is designed, modern science has now proved how the universe began, and Swinburne gives succesfull reasons as to why we can conclude it has been designed. The criticism that Evil and suffering are still present in design is sucessfully dealt with, as Swinburne's argument from spatial order suggests that God made everything 'just right' for life, then left the universe alone to develop, this could suggest that he is unable to interfier with the world and this also fits in with the idea of evolution and the fact that their are flaws in nature, e.g the flat fish that evolved to have both eyes facing the ground, it wasnt initially like this, but it changed and adapted to suit it's needs, Swinburnes argument allows for this to happen as it suggests that God only started the world off, and let it develop by itself. The epicurean hypothesis that Hume used to argue against paleys design…


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