Swansong - Christopher Bruce

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Christopher Bruce-  Swansong.

Was first created in November 1987.

The piece involves 3 dancers, a prisoneer and two guards. It was first performed by Rambert dance comanpy. 


Prisoneer: Red faded t-shirt, this shows us that it has been worn alot, it could also communicate blood.  It  communicate that he has been there along time.  It could also be interpreted that the t-shirt is worn through because he is a student without alot of money.  Jean styled dance trousers: the jean appearing trousers show the audience that he is an everyday  person. This helps the audience to be able to relate to the prisoneer.

Guards: Khaki green uniform; The uniform repersents that the guards work as a team. The uniform consists of a pair of khaki green trounsers and a khaki green shirt.  This shows us that they could have come from a military background.  It could be interpreted the guards are in the uniform because they are of a higher status.  

Set and lighting

There is a black backdrop.  This shows us that the cell is small.  This is helped because the lighting only reveals a small proportion of the stage.This helps to enhance that the prisonner feels trapped. There is a wooden chair situated 1/3 of the way across the stage, this is also a…


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