Swansong- Christopher Bruce

Fact file:

-         Choreographed by: Christopher Bruce

-         First created in: 1987

-         Music/Accompaniment: Philip Chambon

-         Design By: Christopher Bruce

-         Lightning By: David Mohr

-         Dancers: 3 (2 guards and 1 prisoner)

What is it about?

-         Swansong is a dance for three dancers, the themes are ‘Amnesty International’, ‘Human rights violation’ and freedom. It has a victim/prisoner who is being tortured by two guards.



Prisoner: Red faded t-shirt, this shows us that it has been worn a lot, it could also communicate blood. It communicate that he has been there a long time. It could also be interpreted that the t-shirt is worn through because he is a lower status than the guards. Blue Jean styled dance trousers: the jean appearing trousers show the audience that he is an everyday person. This helps the audience to be able to relate to the prisoner.


Guards: Khaki green uniform; the uniform represents that the guards work as a team. The uniform consists of a pair of khaki green trousers and a khaki green shirt. This shows us that they could have come from a military background. It could be interpreted the guards are in the uniform because they are of a higher status.


Set and lighting

There is a black backdrop. This shows us that the cell is small. This is helped because the lighting only reveals a small proportion of the stage this helps to enhance that the prisoner feels trapped. The spot light coming from stage left in the solos is represented of a window,


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