swan song

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Swansong... Christopher Bruce


The work of amnesty international (setting theme of prisoners/torture)

Saying goodbye to his dancing career... Dictionary def. of 'Swansong'... a person's last work or act before death or retirement.


Introduction followed by seven sections:

- Intro

- Question and Answer (tap sequences)

 - Tea for Two (red nose and caps)

- First solo (victim --> lyrical)

- Slow Trio (dream like effect lighting)

- Second solo (no accompaniment)

- Cane Dance

- Third and final solo

Set Design

Bare proscenium stage, chair downstage right, exit backstage right. Minimal gives effect of bare prison cell.


It was created by Phillip Chambon in close collaboration with Christopher Bruce, therefore their is a direct correlation between the dance and the music.

An electro-acoustic score, digitally reproduced, sound sampled sounds ranging grating metal to soft vocals and the use of popular dance rhythms. It uses Chambon's voice and also a reed pipe with suggests links with Christopher Bruces other work, 'Ghost Dances'.

The interludes between the 7 sections are performed


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