Sustainable agriculture in Niger

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Niger sustainable agriculture

Niger is a semi-arid country in west africa within the Sahel. Lif expectancy is only 44 years old and the GNP is only $900 per capita. The soils can't produce enough food to feed to population which is increasing at 2.9 cent per annum. Desertfication is also been caused by long periods of drought and over farming in regions. There have been many management stretagies that have been put inplace to help with this these are.

  • Mulching - incorporating vegitation into the soil to increase organic matter which results in a reduction in soil erosion. Mulches also stimualte termite activity which breaks up the soil. Millet stalks are useful as mulch but are needed for buildings and firewood.
  • Planting pits or 'za' - these are small holes dug to collect runoff water and rainwater which are added small amounts of…


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