Surviving Tectonice Hazards

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Earthquake and Volcanic eruption often called tectonic hazards.

Volcanic lava and ash make ferile soils so people settle and farm nearby.

Precious minerals and fossil fuels are found in volcanic zones.

Land is cheap in volcanic and earthquake zones and people feel safer waith technological advacances like earthquake proof houses.

It is difficult to rehouse lots of people living in volcanic and earthquake zones and many of them don't want to leave anyway.

Vikcabuc actuvuty can heat underground water, forming hot-water springs on the Earth's surface. THis water can be used for heating houses, hot water supplies and producing electricity. (Geothermal power stations use the heat to drive turbines that create eletricity.

Scientis monitor the tell-tale signs that go before a volcanic eruption.

These clues includes:

Lots of tiny earthquakes, Rising magam detected under the Earth's surface, Escaping gas, Increased magma temperature and change in tilt of the volcano sides.

Earthquakes are harder to predict but there are some…


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