Survival on the Plains and the use of the buffalo

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Survival on the Great Plains

  • The Plains had very hot summers, and very cold winters. They were dry and had very little surface water. Lightning flashes ignited the grass, causing fires that spread across the Plains in the wind.
  • Plains Indians survived by hunting buffalo on horse back. Buffalo herds migrated to fresh grass, so the Plains Indians would follow them.
  • Plains Indians developed amazing riding and archery skills to ride amongst stampeding buffalo and shoot arrows into their sides to kill them.
  • They also developed a nomadic lifestyle where they had tipis to live in, and travois to carry belongings while they travelled.
  • They developed skills to use every part of the buffalo for food, clothing, fuel, shelter, ornaments, gifts, and toys. Meat was dried in the sun to preserve it.
  • They also developed a reverence for the buffalo and other animals their survival depended on. Thye believed the land and nature should be treated with respect or else the spirits wouldn't help them to survive anymore.
  • A travois is a framework harnessed to a horse or dog that Plains Indians transported their belongings on while they travelled across the Plains.
  • In the harsh winters of the Great Plains, most tribes moved into lodges. They were wooden structures shaped circularly. First, the wooden framework was made, then earth was piled on top for insulation. A fire pit was made in the middle with beds on…


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