Superpower relations and the Cold War - Mutual Suspicion

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Mutual Suspicion

The Cold War was a period of international tension with each side suspicous of the other.

The 'Long' and 'Novikov' telegrams were detailed reports

By 1946 tensions between the superpowers were high. Each country issued secret telegrams about the other.

The telegram were detailed reports describing the motivations and intentions of the other country.

The Long Telegram (February 1946)

- it issued to President Truman about USSR

- it said that Stalin had given a speech in favour of the destruction of capitalism.

- it warned of USSR trying to weaken and divide Western poewrs, while building the strength of its own military

The Novikov Telgram (September 1946)

- it issued to Stalin about USA

- the report claimed that USA was pursuing world supremacy. 

- it warned that the USA was trying to limit the influence of USSR in Europe.

Neither country seemed to know for certain what the other was thinking. The reports panicked the Russian and American governments and accelerated the Cold War - the findings seemed to confirm their worst fears.

Truman acted to


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